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Lesson 13: SUBTOTAL Function in Excel

The Excel function SUBTOTAL is a function that can execute 11 types of calculations. SUBTOTAL is a very useful formula for analysis of data directly from  the data sheet. It will sum, count, calculate average....of the records that have been filtered in a database.

The syntax is very easy:

In plain English: Execute calculation number 9 (sum) on all filtered records of range A2 to A50. If no filter is applied the calculation is executed using  all the cells in the range.

Calculation types:
1: average, 2: count (numbers), 3: count (non blanks), 4: maximum, 5: minimum, 6: product, 7: standard deviation (sample), 8: standard deviation (population), 9: sum, 10: variance (sample), 11: variance (population)

Types 7, 8, 10 and 11 are for users interested in statistics. As for type 6...




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